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Some Examples of My Advocacy Work

I hope the work I have done in our community gives an example of my priorities and areas of

focus. Here are brief examples of school related efforts I have led or been a part of:


  • Advocated to the school board and administration for more and improved communication to district families

  • Worked with district administration to provide “Budget 101 and 102” forums designed to educate community members about the school district budget and promote fiscal responsibility

Supporting the Education of All Children

  • Successfully advocated for a range of impactful and engaging activities during and after school for students at all levels.This advocacy was critical in reinstating clubs and intramurals during the 2020-2021 school year

  • Encouraged administrators to schedule office hours for Hommocks students to receive academic help

  • Organized visits by the Assistant Superintendents of Curriculum and Student Support Services to each elementary school so parents could have the opportunity to understand the continuum of services and interventions as well as discuss curriculum concerns

  • Promoted social emotional well-being for all students through parent and student programming

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